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Building A Custom PC

One of the more common computer repair services we do is building a custom PC for customers.

In most cases, these are the younger people who love to play video games. They need all the power they can get from a computer, in order to be able to keep up with the latest games in the industry. Because the newer the game, the more computing power you require, not to mention having to buy an expensive graphics card. Which may run in a range of $3000 for the best one at this point in time in 2022.

But “gamers” are not the only people who build custom PCs. Many business people need them, especially day traders. They like to build a custom PC with the intent of connecting several monitors (usually at least 4) to the same computer, so they can monitor what’s going on in different markets simultaneously!

custom built pc service

Photographers build a custom PC because they also need a lot of graphics power to process their photos, as well as to be able to have a few hard drives inside of them to store thousands of photos that they all possess! A custom build PC, lets you do that because the computer cases allow for multiple hard drive storage inside without having to keep the hard drives plugged into the computer externally.

Main Differences Between The Laptop And A Custom Built PC

The main difference between a desktop PC and a laptop is of course mobility. You can take a laptop anywhere with you by just throwing it into a case and taking your charger with you. Obviously, that would be quite problematic with a custom-built or desktop PC, for obvious reasons. You would have to also bring a monitor with you. Not to mention that a desktop weighs much more than a laptop and takes up more space.

But the real difference between the laptop and the Desktop PC is durability. Laptops are not really designed to be super-powerful machines. Even though they make them that way, people want powerful laptops and to be able to be mobile with them.

Yet technically, the laptops can’t match the desktop’s performance simply because of the cooling issues. The desktops have better cooling systems because they have more room physically to install a bigger heatsink. The device that keeps the computer processor cool. They can have bigger fans to disperse the heat inside the desktop and they have larger parts in general, that can withstand more heat in a cooler environment.

Laptops are very compact (for obvious reasons), therefore cooling them becomes more difficult and that makes them more prone to failure in the long run.

So if you don’t plan to move your computer around a lot and you need more power in the computer than just to be able to check your email and browse some websites, the desktop or a custom built PC is definitely a better way to go! You will get more durability, speed, and power, and can have more storage space.

How To Build A Custom PC

If you want to build a custom PC, there are a couple of ways you can go about it.

  1. Purchase all the parts and assemble it yourself
  2. Purchase all the parts and let a pc repair shop assemble it for you
  3. Purchase an already built custom PC (there are many companies offering this service)
  4. Purchase all the parts, assemble it yourself and then call Fastest Mac Repair and Pc Repair to fix it for you if the computer is not working! (It happens a lot).

While Assembling a custom built PC is not rocket science. Many times people with no experience will connect the cables in the wrong way or will plug something in incorrectly preventing the computer from starting. Or in the worst-case scenarios will damage some components altogether.

Therefore it is highly recommended you use someone who has done it before. We offer custom PC Building service at our computer shop in Thousand Oaks and in surrounding areas.

Call us at 805-585-5535 if you have any questions regarding this.

Meet The Owner
Hello my name is Eddie.

I opened my first computer store, after i looked around to notice that people didn't have a proper place to repair their computers at.

Most mac repair places take days to repair. Not because it takes so long to repair them. but because most shops are incompetent or have bad work flow. Hence they fall behind and as result customers have to wait for repair to be completed much longer.

It is similar (if not worse)with companies like Geek Squad(Best Buy), Genius Bar (Apple), Asurion(UbreakiFixit). They hardly do any inhouse repairs. Most of their computers get shipped out to manufacturers or other repair centers.

So again, people like yourself, have to wait 2-4 weeks get their computer back.
For that reason i was on a mission to change this industry and get computers fixed as fast as I can. So you and your family can get back to their zoom meetings as quickly as possible!
Another reason you should come here is because I fix most of the people's computer in the area anyway. Most just collect them and send them to me or I usually have to take care of their customers because the "other computer geniuses" break something and computer still ends up in our repair shop after that. I'm not saying that I'm perfect. I also make mistakes sometimes or sometimes get overwhelmed and forget something. But that doesn't happen very often. and if it does. It happens because of my own error or accident, not because I'm incompetent nor do i need to hide it by telling you to just go buy anohter computer cause this one is not fixable. Like other people do. I write this, because i really take it personally. And i don't understand why people have to lie instead of telling the person they don't know how to fix it. and just tell them to go look for some other options. I take this service seriously. I love doing it and i love providing nothing less than a truly NO-BS-Excellent service to people who come visit me! hope you will be one of them! Oh yes, and also in my free time i get out of town and shoot landscape photography! feel free to stop by our shop to see my artwork!

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