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Macbook Air with Coffee spill repair

Yesterdays macbook air with coffee spilled repair was quite lucky for the owner. We took computer apart, did a little board clean up. Then we let it dry for a while. Then checked the voltage on internal components, they checked out ok. Then put it back together and it worked! Good news for the customer!

However that is not always the case! And most importantly, i am getting tired of explaining to people, the fact that the first thing you want to do if you happen to spill coffee or water on your computer by accident, is to disconnect it from power source! which means unplug adapter and disconnect the battery.

Apple of course doesnt help you much with this. Especiall when they started using pentalobe shape screws on the bottom of the lid. they are the type of screws that NO ONE has a tool for them in their house, unless they have bought it on purpose. So i understand you completely if you tell me you are not able to open the lid on a macbook fast enough, because you dont have a proper screw driver to do it! not many people do!

That’s why if you spill coffee or water over your macbook air, you must rush to a nearest computer shop in the area and ask them to open it ASAP and disconnect the battery!

I can’t tell you how many macbook airs could be saved if people just did that. But they don’t!

What most people do, is they plug it in hoping macbook air with coffee spill will still work and if it works they get excited, but then 10 minutes later it stops working and they get very sad. Because they don’t understand two things:

  1. water (or coffee or most fluids) is a conduit! that means electricity can travel through it. which means if you spill it over electronic components, it will bridge connections for electricity to flow in places where it is not supposed to flow. I dont know if you ever tried to touch battery terminals together on car battery, to find out that it produces lots of sparks! same thing happens inside computers .except you dont see the sparks, because components are tiny and they are hidden under the lid(which you can’t open quickly enough). those components spark and burn when coffee creates conductivity in the wrong place and then your macbook air stops working!
  2. it is the power source (battery or power adapter) that causes damage to computers logic board, not the coffee or water! you can spill or you can dunk the computer into the bucket of water if you want to, then you can pull it out, dry it out, connect battery to it and it will most likely be working. But if you connect power adapter while water is present then some components will burn inevitably, because of what i mentioned in point number 1 above! It is electricity that burns things not the fluid!

And i can’t even tell you how many times people call and tell me same story. I just had another conversation today. they spilled water over macbook. and they tried to plug it in to see if it still works. It did work for 3 minutes. but then it died. Now they have to pay to fix it.

macbook air coffee spill repair

But if they just left it alone. turned it off, brought it to a computer shop like ours. We would clean it up, dry it out and the macbook air would be in perfect working condition!

Moral of the story! don’t be like most people! if you have coffee spill on macbook air, turn it off immediately and bring it back to fastest mac pc repair in newbury park, ca (fastest mac repair in thousand oaks area)! and we will take care of it for you and most likely it will work, just like the one with coffee spill in the picture!

Macbook pro Battery Replacement Total Time 1 Hour

Batteries, whether they are in phones, tablets or macbook pros, do not last forever! Average life for a battery is about 3-5 years based on my experience. Some failing a lot sooner and some lasting much longer than that!

There is really no way of knowing how long the battery will last! But overall, you usually get your money’s worth! except maybe some cases when batteries are somewhat defective when they get produced or maybe aren’t properly tested or perhaps are even allowed a narrow window of defectiveness to pass through by manufacturers. sort of like they “allow” up to 3 dead pixels on a computer screen. Without having to discard it as a complete defective!

I guess also the biggest mystery to address with batteries. is how do i use it so it lasts longer? thats the common question that i get and many people have a misconception about it!

macbook pro battery repair
macbook pro battery replacement

Based on my research, as result of some customers being very curious about it, lithium batteries like to be charged most of the time, as much as possible.

the idea behind it is that little electrons like to move around instead of staying stagnant, like alkaline batteries used-to prefer. The more electrical charge is moving back and forth, the healthier for the battery. So it means the more you have your device plugged in, the more you will extend your battery life.

Thats the basic premise and most actionable thing you can do to your battery. everything else is really a matter of chance!

So if you see your battery starting to expand or getting extremely hot, or your device acting real slow when your battery is losing charge capacity. those are usually the signs your macbook pro battery replacement is necessary!

and if youre looking to get your battery replaced quickly. you can always call us at 805-585-5535 or visit us at 3339 Kimber dr. Ste D, Newbury park, cA 92130

Macbook air keyboard replacement (after coffee spill)

Macbook air keyboard replacement is a pretty tedious job. Mainly, because apple started “welding” their keyboard to the cases. it means, there are no screws at the bottom of the keyboards anymore. all because apple wants eliminate repair shops and make repairs for people more difficult and more expensive. Instead they want you to call apple and wait in line 2 weeks for an appointment so they can replace it for you for the price triple of what it should be!

So you best don’t spill coffee or any other fluids on your macbook air (or any other macbook), because it will usually cost you arm and a leg to replace the whole palmrest on a macbook. especially on the new ones models!

macbook air keyboard replacement thousand oaks after a coffee spill (water damage)

however, if you happen to spill some coffee on your macbook air and your keyboard stops typing certain keys, or some keys will be sticky, or perhaps your computer won’t even turn on. Then you can try calling us. and we might be able to help you. we have some used parts that might be cheaper to replace or we can find another solution for you! so you don’t have to go buy a new macbook and or spend more than what you paid for computer to repair it!

Persons macbook air in the picture, had some coffee spilled on it and was still working after it was dried out. However after a while it wouldn’t start properly or it wouldn’t type certain letters. After quick diagnosis, it was obvious that the keyboard was at fault.

it took 45 minutes to do macbook air keyboard replacement and it is back to life working perfectly!

for all your macbook air repair call us at 805-585-5535 or visit us at 3339 Kimber dr. Ste D, Newbury Park, CA 91320

Unlike few other repair shops in the area, we do not outsource our repairs to anyone and repair everything in house, fast and well!

Why iMac SSD Upgrade is necessary today!

One of the common failures on any computer. Whether it is a macbook, imac or any pc laptop or desktop computer. They all share one common component that used to fail all the time! and that is a hard drive!

it was literally the weakest spot in all computer devices, mainly due to complexity and different very precise and fragile moving components that require to build and make them work.

imac ssd upgrade, hard drive failing, first aid process has failed

The ironic part is that hard drives are pretty much most important components in any machine, since they actually store all our information on them. Especially these days, when humanity is moving from analog world, where we used to store our photos in an album in physical printed form, or our documents in folder in file cabinets.

These days everything is stored on hard drives and to tell you the truth, since hard drives have increased in capacity drastically. The overall quality of hard drives has also decreased quite visibly. When older hard drives used to last up to 10 years in many cases. and in comparison newer hard drives like western digital or seagate brand, last on average 3-4 years from my experience.

The good news however, is that in today’s times we have different kind of drives on the market. All newer computers already come with those. with the exception of 21.5 inch imacs that still come with regular hard drives (you have to special request it from apple if you want one with ssd.

As well as 27 inch iMacs, which use imacs use fusion drives a combination of a small ssd chip and a regular 3.5 inch hard drive.

The downside of regular, old style spinning hard drives, is that they are not reliable as much anymore. the failure rate has gone up, probably due to increased capacity of drives today but also they are much slower when compared to current new type of Solid State Drives (SSD).

One some packaging of SSD’s manufacturers claim SSDs are 15x faster than regular 5400RPM hard drives. Which are standard for most iMacs and older macbooks and most pc laptops and pc desktops.

So when i say upgrading to a SSD drive is almost a necessity in today’s times. I really mean it. Your iMac will run literally 10 times faster and you simply will be amazed that you computer runs like new again!

come do imac ssd upgrade with us. our turn around is 2-3 hours usually!

call us at 805-585-5535 or

visit at 3330 Kimber dr. Ste D, Newbury Park, CA 91320

Spilled Wine On The Computer

If i could have a penny for every time i heard people say: i spilled wine on the computer. I would have a lot of pennies! maybe even few dollars at this point! 🙂

Wine is actually one of the many liquids people tend to spill on their pc laptops or macbooks accidentally. usually it is water or coffee or milk, beer, juice- you name it!

Yet one common thing i notice is that people often don’t even realize that electric circuit boards and fluids don’t go very well together. Especially when there is electric current involved in the mix!

If people spilled wine the computer, they will usually let it sit a day or two, thinking it will dry out. then they turn it on and nothing happens. Or computer might turn on and then turn off few minutes later.

That happens because, believe it or not, there is a residue that forms on the inside of computer from fluids spilled,which creates corrosion and that creates unnecessary connections between components that shouldn’t be touching together. Which then lets electric current go where it is not supposed to and it burns something as result.

red wine spilled on computer

That’s why, if you spill wine on the computer, best thing to do is to disconnect or take out the battery from your pc or macbook as soon as possible. and then open the computer to clean the remaining fluids off inside the computer. so those improper connections are not created.

the problem with that these days is that most computers today are designed in a way, so access to battery is very difficult. macbooks for example require a type of screwdriver that is difficult to find and not many people will have it laying around the house!

As well as pc computers, also have batteries inside the laptops now and are difficult to open, with screws often hidden under rubber pads, plastic lining or screws hidden under the keyboard and so on!

In other words, manufacturers don’t really want you to have quick access to anything these days! and that’s where we come in!

So if you happen to spill wine on your computer(or any other fluid), best thing is to:

  1. turn computer on immediately! push and hold power button until computer shuts off.
  2. call us at 805-585-5535 or stop by at 3339 kimber dr. suite D, newbury park, ca 91320
  3. and we will open it for you, clean it off and in most cases your computer will be working as it did before

Do not get fooled thinking that computer will dry out on it’s own on the inside. It may do that, but that takes more than one day! there is little air ventilation on the inside of any laptop and it may take a week or even two for fluids to evaporate from the inside naturally! do not turn the computer on until it has been opened and made sure fluids are completely gone. or otherwise you might damage your pc laptop or a macbook even futher!

you have been warned!

we provide full macbook water damage repair and pc laptop water damage repair on the component level if necessary!

Dell Inspiron 5559 Power Button Failure

Dell Inspiron 5559 Power Button Failure is quite a common problem. we replaced a few already. in the past couple of months we replaced a few of them. to the point where it starts to seem like a common power button failure on these types of laptops.

what happens is out of the sudden, when you press the button it becomes hard to press, then harder and then it stops responding completely. So a user is not able to turn on his dell laptop.

Dell Inspiron 5559 Power Button Failure
Dell Inspiron 5559 Power Button Failure

the reason is that the power button board has a tiny little button on it, which wears off over time. Making it difficult to press it. To the point where, eventually, it does not press at all. So it become impossible to power on your laptop.

this seems like some kind of design flaw by dell. Which happens when companies invent new products for the sake of inventing new products. But then, as result, things like that occur and consumers just have to deal with it.

either way the fix for it, is not too terrible. we usually have a replacement part in stock. it takes about 1.5 hours and we can just replace the power button board and computer starts working perfectly, like it did before.

is if you have a problem with, Dell Inspiron 5559 Power Button Failure , feel free to contact us at 805-585-5535 or stop by at our store at Fastest mac repair and pc repair new bury park. The address is: 3339 Kimber Dr. Suite D, Newbury park, CA 91320

a1502 13 inch retina macbook pro screen replacement

a1502 13 inch retina macbook pro screen replacement is one of the most common repairs that we do.

Truth is that apple macbook pro screens unfortunately are not invisible and they break all the time. sometimes people step on them, sometimes they drop them, sometimes they punch them or someone throws things at them!

so they crack, break, and sometimes they even stop working without you having to do anything with it!

Since 2013 apple macbook pro screens were changed, to where you are not able to take them apart very easily. partly because they became thinner and better resolutions (retina screens). therefore the only way to do a1502 13 inch retina macbook pro screen replacement or repair, is to replace the whole top screen.

a1502 13 inch retina macbook pro screen replacement

depending on year and model of your laptop that can get pretty expensive. also partly because apple itself is not very friendly with repair people like us anymore. and importing screens and other parts from china has become more difficult. and screen prices are not going down so rapidly anymore, even if they age.

but at fastest mac repair and pc repair newbury park, we still can do it fairly cheap and fairly quickly! we have parts available in stock and we try to get you your macbook back as fast as possible! because i know how difficult it is to be away from facebook for a long time!

on this macbook, the screen simply stopped working, which is unusual, but it might have been related to previous macbook pro water damage it incurred few years back. its hard to say when so much time has passed. but after trying a new retina screen it started working. so diagnosis took literally 10 minutes and macbook pro screen repair was completed quickly after that!

so if your macbook screen is not working, bring it by for a quick a1502 13 inch retina macbook pro screen replacement! we usually do this one very quickly!

call us at 805-585-5535 for a free quote or visit us at fastest mac repair and pc repair newbury park – 3339 kimber dr. Suite D, newbury park, CA 91320


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a1706 13 inch retina 2017 macbook pro water damage repair

this a1706 13 inch retina 2017 macbook pro water damage repair was a bit unusual. coffee was spilled on the macbook all over the keyboard and macbook was still starting up, but was very very slow and trackpad with keyboard was not working.

first thing if you are reading this, i want you to understand one thing and one thing only. water and computers(or other electronics) do not mix! because water is a great conduit of electricity and computer components are designed in such way on logic boards, so they are not supposed to be touching each other.

if you spill water on a circuit board while electricity is connected to it, usually in macbooks that is done using a battery. then water or fluid starts making connections where there supposed to be no connection and hence things on logic board start to get damaged.

so the very first thing you want to do is to try prevent water from going into computer in first place. but if that happens, second best thing you can do, is to disconnect the battery from the logic board.

however. with macbooks, and with most pcs nowadays too, it is not that easy to do. because especially with macbooks you need to have a special screwdriver called pentalobe just to get the screws out and that tool is not being sold anywhere within driving distance usually!

so unless you prepare in advance and acquire the tool, just so you have it in case something happens, your best bet in case you spill some fluid on your macbook pro is to at least turn it off by holding power button down and flip it upside down so the water runs back out and doesnt reach any of the electrical components and then run to the nearest computer shop to open it up and disconnect the battery.

with this a1706 13 inch retina 2017 macbook pro water damage repair case, the owner flipped it over, but it was already too late. the fluid has hit the trackpad connector and hence the trackpad and keyboard was not working. as i opened it up it was visible right away where connector has been damaged.

so it will have to be replaced, a1706 trackpad cable was also damaged and will have to be fixed. and also logic board is running very slow and have to be repaired.

good thing is that this person was able to find fastest mac repair and pc repair in newbury park and will get it done as soon as possible!

if you have macbook pro water damage repair, feel free to call us at 805-585-5535 or stop by at fastest mac repair and pc repair newbury park 3339 kimber dr. Suite D, Newbury park , ca 91320. we will help you immediately!

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a1465 11 inch macbook air keyboard replacement

a1465 11 inch macbook air keyboard replacement is quite a common repair at our computer shop because whether you like it or not, macbook computers are not magical and they certainly are not invinsible as many people may think.

macbook air 11 inch usually doesn’t go very well with water! so if you spill something on a keyboard. in most cases it will require a1465 11 inch macbook air keyboard replacement!

and if you go to apple they will charge you a lot because apple doesn’t just replace the keyboard on this model. apple replaces the whole palm rest, because for them keyboard is a part of palm rest(the part where you have track pad and whole top case where you put your hands on when you type)

so if you need a1465 11 inch macbook air keyboard replacement, best place to come is fastest mac repair and pc repair in newbury park. because we have keyboards in stock all the time and we replace them at the fraction of apple’s cost in few hours of time! definitely faster than going to apple store, if you can even get an appointment for next day there!

for any macbook pro keyboard replacement call us at 805-585-5535 or visit our store at: fastest mac and pc repair 3339 kimber dr. Suite D, newbury park, ca 91320

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Imac 27 inch SSD Upgrade

Imac 27 inch SSD Upgrade, nowadays, is probably the most common repair that we do in our shop at fastest mac repair and pc repair in newbury park.

when SSD’s or solid state disks first came out, it did not seem like a big improvement, but now since SSD’s have become better, faster and cheaper. it seems like the most logical way to go.

Installing SSD into your imac, macbook or pc computer makes the whole difference in the world. because SSD we use, are 15 times faster than a regular 5400 rpm hard drive in the way they read information.

Imac 27 inch SSD Upgrade

so upgrading it really becomes a no-brainer at this point. because your computer will literally run 10x faster and you won’t have to wait that extra second for things to open and using a computer will become nice again!

how long does it take to do it? this Imac 27 inch SSD Upgrade took literally overnight. but it really depends on how many files your old hard drive has. yet unless your old hard drive is really failing, no imac has taken us more than a day to do an upgrade. or in some cases same day also.

most imacs even if you have an imac with fusion drive still use factory installed old type spinning hard drives. and they can be replaced and upgraded to SSD.

if you want to have a faster imac, feel free to call us at 805-585-5535 or stop by at 3339 kimber dr. Suite D, newbury park, ca 91320 and we can do it for you in no time! cheers!

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Same this with companies like geek squad. they hardly do any inhouse repairs. Most of their computers get shipped out to manufacturers or other repair centers.
So again people like yourself, have to wait two weeks get their computer back.
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