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Building A Custom PC

One of the more common computer repair services we do is building a custom PC for customers.

In most cases, these are the younger people who love to play video games. They need all the power they can get from a computer, in order to be able to keep up with the latest games in the industry. Because the newer the game, the more computing power you require, not to mention having to buy an expensive graphics card. Which may run in a range of $3000 for the best one at this point in time in 2022.

But “gamers” are not the only people who build custom PCs. Many business people need them, especially day traders. They like to build a custom PC with the intent of connecting several monitors (usually at least 4) to the same computer, so they can monitor what’s going on in different markets simultaneously!

custom built pc service

Photographers build a custom PC because they also need a lot of graphics power to process their photos, as well as to be able to have a few hard drives inside of them to store thousands of photos that they all possess! A custom build PC, lets you do that because the computer cases allow for multiple hard drive storage inside without having to keep the hard drives plugged into the computer externally.

Main Differences Between The Laptop And A Custom Built PC

The main difference between a desktop PC and a laptop is of course mobility. You can take a laptop anywhere with you by just throwing it into a case and taking your charger with you. Obviously, that would be quite problematic with a custom-built or desktop PC, for obvious reasons. You would have to also bring a monitor with you. Not to mention that a desktop weighs much more than a laptop and takes up more space.

But the real difference between the laptop and the Desktop PC is durability. Laptops are not really designed to be super-powerful machines. Even though they make them that way, people want powerful laptops and to be able to be mobile with them.

Yet technically, the laptops can’t match the desktop’s performance simply because of the cooling issues. The desktops have better cooling systems because they have more room physically to install a bigger heatsink. The device that keeps the computer processor cool. They can have bigger fans to disperse the heat inside the desktop and they have larger parts in general, that can withstand more heat in a cooler environment.

Laptops are very compact (for obvious reasons), therefore cooling them becomes more difficult and that makes them more prone to failure in the long run.

So if you don’t plan to move your computer around a lot and you need more power in the computer than just to be able to check your email and browse some websites, the desktop or a custom built PC is definitely a better way to go! You will get more durability, speed, and power, and can have more storage space.

How To Build A Custom PC

If you want to build a custom PC, there are a couple of ways you can go about it.

  1. Purchase all the parts and assemble it yourself
  2. Purchase all the parts and let a pc repair shop assemble it for you
  3. Purchase an already built custom PC (there are many companies offering this service)
  4. Purchase all the parts, assemble it yourself and then call Fastest Mac Repair and Pc Repair to fix it for you if the computer is not working! (It happens a lot).

While Assembling a custom built PC is not rocket science. Many times people with no experience will connect the cables in the wrong way or will plug something in incorrectly preventing the computer from starting. Or in the worst-case scenarios will damage some components altogether.

Therefore it is highly recommended you use someone who has done it before. We offer custom PC Building service at our computer shop in Thousand Oaks and in surrounding areas.

Call us at 805-585-5535 if you have any questions regarding this.

Gaming PC Blank Screen Fans Are Spinning

It used to be when Gaming PCs would stop working it was almost always a motherboard issue. Something would burn out on the motherboard and the Gaming PC would sort of turn on, but display nothing on a screen. Back in the day, you were almost always certain it was a graphics chip or something else wrong with the motherboard.

However today times are different and gaming pc repair is more tricky. Ever since the CPUs were produced with graphics capability in them, they became more complex. So nowadays when a gaming PC or a PC Desktop with a CPU with graphics in it fails, you are not so sure what is going on. And judging from the gaming pcs that came in the past two years, there were more and more cases where a failed CPU was a culprit. With the motherboard being intact.

The challenge always is to find out which one of the components is faulty. Is it a motherboard or is it a CPU? There is really no other way of finding out, other than putting a CPU into another (working) motherboard. Or put another CPU into the current motherboard and see which one works.

This last Gaming PC that came in, had a faulty CPU also. How did we find out? Since we didn’t have the same type of motherboard or CPU in stock, we had to order one of the two. Unfortunately, we ordered the wrong one. We decided to buy a new motherboard, but after it arrived and the old CPU was installed, the gaming pc was acting exactly the same as with the original motherboard. Which tells us that the CPU was faulty.

So now we will get a new CPU and remember the new rule of thumb (sort of)! Next time we will try to ERR on the side of the CPU being faulty rather than the motherboard, cause it really seems to be happening more often this way. And seems like Intel CPUs are also failing a little more often than AMD.

If you are experiencing issues where your gaming pc doesn’t start, or your gaming pc has black screen, or you need a PC assembled or you have assembled a PC and it doesn’t work properly. Call Fastest Mac Repair and Pc Repair Newbury Park at 805-585-5535 we can help!

Or stop by our store at 3339 Kimber Dr. STE D, Newbury Park, CA 91320

We are the fastest, most qualified PC repair shop in Thousand Oaks area. we also offer computer repair in Moorpark, ca and pc and mac repair in Camarillo, CA


The Geek Squad Scam

Geek Squad Scam is a quite popular search term on Google. So here is my story.

We had a customer walk in YESTERDAY. Who brought HP laptop that was dropped accidentally. After fall, the laptop stopped turning on. Screen was black. Fans were not spinning and computer seemed to be completely dead.

So she decided to take it to Geek Squad, because she thought it was a great idea. She has heard great things about it, saw commercials about how they run around in their vans helping people repair computers and home appliances.

Long story short, she took the computer for a repair to best buy. Geek squad said they need to send it out to Kentucky in order for it to be repaired.

They sent it out. Two weeks have passed. Damaged HP laptop was sent back and the lady was told it can not be fixed. Because the motherboard was damaged and basically there is nothing they could do about it.

The Repair

So that is when she decide to come to Fastest Mac Repair and Pc Repair!

After literally first 5 seconds looking at the power button, we realized that when hp laptop fell, it landed on the corner where the power button was. The impact caused the button to get stuck inside, which caused laptop not to turn on, because the power button was always pressed in.

I mean, you don’t have to be a genius to figure these kind of things out. all you have to do is spend 10 seconds and put some effort to try to figure out what where the issue lies. And that is what people at geek squad are not capable of doing. And perhaps that is why people think Geek Squad is a Scam!

what do you think??

if your pc computer or laptop needs repair, come to us. you won’t be disappointed. or maybe you will, who knows, nobody is perfect!

we are the fastest mac and pc repair in thousand oaks area!

Gaming PC Is Shutting Down- Graphic Card Failure

This gaming pc shutting down randomly issue, at first seemed to appear as puzzle and as a great challenge. Because it would shut down randomly, after 4-5 minutes when playing a video game. Or when rendering some videos on a computer.At other times it was running smoothly, which made the whole situation a little confusing at first.

So like always, first thing we had to check was RAM memory and after switching them back and forth, as well as trying to run computer on one memory stick at the time. The problem still persisted.But the possibility of RAM stick being faulty was eliminated.

Next we thought its either the power supply or the graphics card. Because it seemed that the shut down issue was occurring when gaming pc was under heavy load of graphics. So right away, we tried to install a different graphics card. After installing it, had to update the latest drivers on it. And then try playing a video game.

gaming pc graphics card failure

And what do you know, the pc stopped shutting down. the game was playing smoothly for over an hour and there were no problems anymore.

Graphics card failure is pretty common thing in a computer world. they fail on laptops, macbooks, imacs, and all other devices. they fail due to overheating issues, due to manufacturing defects, from aging and all of the above combined. In most cases you can guess how long your card will last. But in general they last quite a long time, especially if you make sure the fans on it are clean and they get proper cooling, as well as periodically changing thermal paste on them as well, also to improve cooling, so it does’g get too hot quickly.

for any computer questions or any gaming pc repair issues feel free to call us at 805-585-5535 or stop by our store at Fastest mac repair and pc repair newbury park, ca 91320

All questions and quotes are free of charge.

Lenovo laptop Dc jack replacement

Many times when your Lenovo laptop isn’t charging, is because of a faulty dc jack.

These days, manufacturers design all laptops with thin, tiny little jacks (charging ports) maybe cause they look cooler small, maybe for some other reasons. But for you as a consumer, it only means you have a more fragile dc jack that can break easily and you have to be extra careful with it.

There really aren’t any other ways to protect them. They all break just as easily if you yank or trip over the charging cord. Or if your laptop falls off the bed when it is plugged in. Or your dog decides he wants to play around by running away with a charging adapter in his teeth, cause you forgot to take him to the park this morning!

Only remedy for this is to be extra careful, to always be aware of this issue and to be gentle with the jacks when computer is charging.

Dc jack repair problem is not common for Lenovo laptops only. it happens to dell, hp, Samsung, Chromebooks, Asus, Ccer and all the rest of the laptops.

For years apple Macbooks had a magnetic charger, but now went back to a plug in charger via Usb-c connector, which seems to be sturdy enough, but can still break if enough pressure is applied. Yet we see usb-c charging ports break more on PC laptops, rather than apple.

So if you have a broken dc jack(charging port) on your lenovo laptop. Or any other laptop. Feel free to reach out at 805-585-5535 or stop by at our store at Fastest mac repair and pc repair Newbury park – 3339 Kimber dr. STE D

and we will help you solve this issue very quickly!

Fast Custom PC Build Service

Building your own computers from scratch used to be a thing of the past, or so I thought. Yet in reality many people still do it. Some of those people are graphic designers or architects, but most of course are “Gamers”, who want to have powerful machines to be able to keep up with latest technology and enjoy themselves playing some of the coolest video games they have these days.

Most of the repair that we do in our shop are laptop repairs, but once in a blue moon we still get people who want to build their own PC’s and either don’t know how to do it, or in most cases they try to do it themselves, but either screw something up along the way, or can’t figure out how to make everything work properly. Then they bring it to us- “the experts”!

Cause in most cases everything goes pretty smoothly if you just follow directions and put things right. But that is not always the case. In some situations the new parts that come in are faulty and computer won’t work because of that.

But in most cases when there is some kind of hiccup with computer, it is because of user error. In most cases people damage the CPU socket by bending the pins, in some cases they plug in cables incorrectly, or in some they even order wrong parts and everything must be re-done from scratch.

In this computer custom computer build scenario, we had two cables that were shorting out the whole system. Which was tricky to identify, because no one would have thought it would be a SATA cable that shorted the whole computer from even turning on…. and just like saying goes- you learn something new every day- cause anything can happen, especially when it comes to computers.

custom pc build service at fastest mac repair and pc repair in newbury park

So, next time you want to put together a custom pc build, feel free to contact us, if you want to save yourself some trouble and get it done right the first time. Especially if you are not feeling sure about doing it yourself.

For us it takes only couple hours to do it. Assuming we have correct parts. and we will test everything out and give you a properly working machine back in no time!

we can be reached at Fastest Mac Repair and Pc Repair Newbury Park 3339 Kimber dr. STE D, Newbury Park, CA 91320. Our phone number is 805-585-5535. Feel free to call any time. we answer all questions free and to the point.

We provide pc and mac repair service in Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, and surrounding areas!

Asus Laptop Charging Port Repair (dc jack repair)

This Asus laptop has already come in three times with the same charging problem and needed charging port repair(dc jack repair) once again.

If you were fixing computers for as long as i have, you would know that Asus brand was the most commonly known to have faulty jacks. One reason for that is that those dc jacks are soldered on the motherboard directly . Unlike hp laptops or dell laptops that use charging ports that plug into the motherboard using a little wire.

For that reason Asus jacks are a little more prone to being damaged easier. because if a person trips over the charging cord or pulls the cord accidentally even a little bit. The charging port breaks on them easier, since it is solidly soldered and the middle pin just takes all the pressure and usually breaks off immediately.

Hence this particular 831GT Asus has a large charger and if user pulls on it too hard the charging port (dc jack) gets damaged easier and charging port needs to be replaced.

Good thing is, at fastest mac repair and pc repair newbury park, ca. We keep most of the dc jacks in stock and can replace them pretty quickly. Usually turn around is 2-3 hours. if you have charging port repair problem you can call us at 805-585-5535 or stop by at 3339 Kimber dr. Ste D, Newbury Park, CA. We service thousand oaks and do computer and mac repair in agoura hills as well!

we also offer mobile computer repair services, call 805-585-5535 to set up an appointment

Spilled Wine On The Computer

If i could have a penny for every time i heard people say: i spilled wine on the computer. I would have a lot of pennies! maybe even few dollars at this point! 🙂

Wine is actually one of the many liquids people tend to spill on their pc laptops or macbooks accidentally. usually it is water or coffee or milk, beer, juice- you name it!

Yet one common thing i notice is that people often don’t even realize that electric circuit boards and fluids don’t go very well together. Especially when there is electric current involved in the mix!

If people spilled wine the computer, they will usually let it sit a day or two, thinking it will dry out. then they turn it on and nothing happens. Or computer might turn on and then turn off few minutes later.

That happens because, believe it or not, there is a residue that forms on the inside of computer from fluids spilled,which creates corrosion and that creates unnecessary connections between components that shouldn’t be touching together. Which then lets electric current go where it is not supposed to and it burns something as result.

red wine spilled on computer

That’s why, if you spill wine on the computer, best thing to do is to disconnect or take out the battery from your pc or macbook as soon as possible. and then open the computer to clean the remaining fluids off inside the computer. so those improper connections are not created.

the problem with that these days is that most computers today are designed in a way, so access to battery is very difficult. macbooks for example require a type of screwdriver that is difficult to find and not many people will have it laying around the house!

As well as pc computers, also have batteries inside the laptops now and are difficult to open, with screws often hidden under rubber pads, plastic lining or screws hidden under the keyboard and so on!

In other words, manufacturers don’t really want you to have quick access to anything these days! and that’s where we come in!

So if you happen to spill wine on your computer(or any other fluid), best thing is to:

  1. turn computer on immediately! push and hold power button until computer shuts off.
  2. call us at 805-585-5535 or stop by at 3339 kimber dr. suite D, newbury park, ca 91320
  3. and we will open it for you, clean it off and in most cases your computer will be working as it did before

Do not get fooled thinking that computer will dry out on it’s own on the inside. It may do that, but that takes more than one day! there is little air ventilation on the inside of any laptop and it may take a week or even two for fluids to evaporate from the inside naturally! do not turn the computer on until it has been opened and made sure fluids are completely gone. or otherwise you might damage your pc laptop or a macbook even futher!

you have been warned!

we provide full macbook water damage repair and pc laptop water damage repair on the component level if necessary!

is trend micro security good? you be the the judge!

is trendmicro security good

this is a screenshot of the desktop that was brought it by the customer because it was getting 5 beeps when computer was turned on. it was just beeping and would not even go to hp logo screen. then it would shut off. so if you ran a google search on that you would find some answers indicating either a bad memory module or a motherboard issue.

is trend micro security good?as a customer called in, i was pretty sure it was a memory module and i turned out to be right this time. i don’t know what it is about the need to be right, it doesn’t really serve anyone. but it sure does feel good to be right! even though some times i am wrong in my diagnostics over the phone. so the true way is to always test things out and make sure you identify the problem hands on and not just by guesstimating things! that’s how we do most of our diagnostics!

so it turned out it was a bad memory module that was replaced and here we go! computer is running again fine!

so as a bonus to our customer i also decide to clean computer up a bit. i turned it on and i saw that he had Trend micro security. and people always ask questions like that! which antivurus is  best? is trend micro security good? well i thought it was good! but i wasn’t really sure. until now.

as a standard virus cleanup procedure, we run few different programs on a computer to clean all possible malware, adware and viruses from a computer. so just like any other time first i ran a program called malwarebytes, which is free to use for as much as you like. i first checked trend micro screen. and it said system is protected in green. just like in the image above. then i ran malware bytes. and what do you think happened?

well malwarebytes found over 1200 “bad” items most of them PUPs, but there was also malware! so im not even sure what trend micro is doing on this computer. they must be just an antivirus that only protects from some little portion of viruses that don’t ever exist anymore. or perhaps are really bad most common ones that people don’t even get anymore. so my verdict is- save your money! use malwarebytes instead, your computer at least will be clean of junk!

if you’re looking for reliable, quickest mac repair or pc repair service in newbury park or thousand

oaks area call us at 805-585-5535 or stop by at 3339 Kimber dr. Suite D, Newbury Park, Ca 91320 check out our reviews on yelp


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Dell xps 13 Hinges Repair

Dell xps 13 Hinges Repair

this is quite a typical repair. the hinges on these laptops break quite often. in reality it is not really the hinge that breaks, but the place where hinge attaches to on the bottom of the palmrest. that is the part of the laptop that needs to be replaced.Dell xps 13 Hinges Repair

it makes it the most time intensive repair on this laptop because palmrest holds everything in it- keyboard, trackpad, speakers, and other little cables that need to be transferred. this design is obviously copied from apple macbooks. unfortunately not quite as well with the choice of material the palmrest is made out of. this version of aluminum looks sturdy, yet pretty fragile and snaps off not sure why these Dell xps 13 Hinges break off so often, maybe because of user error. but that many people couldn’t break them in similar fashion, so i suspect its a design flaw.

either way Dell xps 13 Hinges Repair takes about 2-3 hours to complete, so no big deal you can go grab some lunch and run some errands and come back to a new looking laptop!

if you’re looking for reliable, quickest mac repair or pc repair service in thousand oaks area call us at 805-585-5535 or stop by at 3339 Kimber dr. Suite D, Newbury Park, Ca 91320 check out our reviews on yelp

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Meet The Owner
Hello my name is Eddie.

I opened my first computer store, after i looked around to notice that people didn't have a proper place to repair their computers at.

Most mac repair places take days to repair. Not because it takes so long to repair them. but because most shops are incompetent or have bad work flow. Hence they fall behind and as result customers have to wait for repair to be completed much longer.

It is similar (if not worse)with companies like Geek Squad(Best Buy), Genius Bar (Apple), Asurion(UbreakiFixit). They hardly do any inhouse repairs. Most of their computers get shipped out to manufacturers or other repair centers.

So again, people like yourself, have to wait 2-4 weeks get their computer back.
For that reason i was on a mission to change this industry and get computers fixed as fast as I can. So you and your family can get back to their zoom meetings as quickly as possible!
Another reason you should come here is because I fix most of the people's computer in the area anyway. Most just collect them and send them to me or I usually have to take care of their customers because the "other computer geniuses" break something and computer still ends up in our repair shop after that. I'm not saying that I'm perfect. I also make mistakes sometimes or sometimes get overwhelmed and forget something. But that doesn't happen very often. and if it does. It happens because of my own error or accident, not because I'm incompetent nor do i need to hide it by telling you to just go buy anohter computer cause this one is not fixable. Like other people do. I write this, because i really take it personally. And i don't understand why people have to lie instead of telling the person they don't know how to fix it. and just tell them to go look for some other options. I take this service seriously. I love doing it and i love providing nothing less than a truly NO-BS-Excellent service to people who come visit me! hope you will be one of them! Oh yes, and also in my free time i get out of town and shoot landscape photography! feel free to stop by our shop to see my artwork!

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