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macbook battery replacement

Macbook pro 12 inch a1534 battery replacement

MacBook pro 12-inch a1534 battery replacement is a very common repair we get. The reason is, all batteries fail at some point, sooner or later. No matter which device, no matter what brand, and no matter how big or small the battery is- eventually they all fail.

As they say, it’s a question of when… And all that depends on many factors. Battery cell quality, manufacturing quality, when the battery was made, who made it, how long it has been laying on the shelf before it was installed in the device, and also the manner in which it was being used.

One way to determine Apple MacBook pro batteries, as well as MacBook Air battery life expectancy, is by looking at the battery cycle count.

You can find it by going to About this Mac menu item. Then click on System Report and find the Power menu item in the left column.

On the right-hand side, you will see the cycle count for you your battery. new MacBook battery cycles start at 0 and they go up. How much they go up, depends on how much you use the battery. Most batteries start to go bad somewhere around 700-800 cycles. Even though we have seen batteries go to 1400 cycles and some fail at around 200-300. But the most common number to see when the battery starts to fail is around 700-800.

you can also download a tool called coconut battery which will tell you more info on the battery inside your MacBook, like when it was manufactured and how much of the charge capacity it holds, etc.

Replacing a faulty battery takes about 1 hour in new MacBook pros and MacBook airs. if you are in need of macbook battery replacement you can call us at 805-585-5535 or stop by our store – Fastest Mac repair and Pc Repair Newbury park, at 3339 Kimber Dr. Suite D, Newbury Park, Ca 91320

We keep most batteries in stock and can swap them out for you very quickly!

Macbook pro Battery Replacement Total Time 1 Hour

Batteries, whether they are in phones, tablets or macbook pros, do not last forever! Average life for a battery is about 3-5 years based on my experience. Some failing a lot sooner and some lasting much longer than that!

There is really no way of knowing how long the battery will last! But overall, you usually get your money’s worth! except maybe some cases when batteries are somewhat defective when they get produced or maybe aren’t properly tested or perhaps are even allowed a narrow window of defectiveness to pass through by manufacturers. sort of like they “allow” up to 3 dead pixels on a computer screen. Without having to discard it as a complete defective!

I guess also the biggest mystery to address with batteries. is how do i use it so it lasts longer? thats the common question that i get and many people have a misconception about it!

macbook pro battery repair
macbook pro battery replacement

Based on my research, as result of some customers being very curious about it, lithium batteries like to be charged most of the time, as much as possible.

the idea behind it is that little electrons like to move around instead of staying stagnant, like alkaline batteries used-to prefer. The more electrical charge is moving back and forth, the healthier for the battery. So it means the more you have your device plugged in, the more you will extend your battery life.

Thats the basic premise and most actionable thing you can do to your battery. everything else is really a matter of chance!

So if you see your battery starting to expand or getting extremely hot, or your device acting real slow when your battery is losing charge capacity. those are usually the signs your macbook pro battery replacement is necessary!

and if youre looking to get your battery replaced quickly. you can always call us at 805-585-5535 or visit us at 3339 Kimber dr. Ste D, Newbury park, cA 92130

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I opened my first computer store, after i looked around to notice that people didn't have a proper place to repair their computers at.

Most mac repair places take days to repair. Not because it takes so long to repair them. but because most shops are incompetent or have bad work flow. Hence they fall behind and as result customers have to wait for repair to be completed much longer.

It is similar (if not worse)with companies like Geek Squad(Best Buy), Genius Bar (Apple), Asurion(UbreakiFixit). They hardly do any inhouse repairs. Most of their computers get shipped out to manufacturers or other repair centers.

So again, people like yourself, have to wait 2-4 weeks get their computer back.
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