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Fastest Mac Repair Vs UbreakiFixit

Which to choose?

Great question. Here are some answers to consider

I have been doing mac repair for over 10 years quite intensely, fixing anything and everything from MacBook water damage, failing video chip repair, hard drive replacement, operating system installation, failed time machine file backup recovery, MacBook screen replacement, MacBook keyboard replacements, and everything else.

I am now running a second computer store full time where I process over a hundred computers each month coming in with all possible MacBook and iMac issues. On the side, I also fix and refurbish macs for resale on the used computer market. And I do most of it alone. Why alone?

First of all, it’s not because I haven’t tried to find some help. I have. All computer repair shop owners have. Some succeed, and some don’t. Most don’t. Most end up working at their shops themselves and perhaps have a guy helping them on the side while the owner watches over their shoulder all the time to make sure they are doing things properly.

UbreakiFixit is a franchise-style mobile device repair

Cause unlike the phone repair business like Ubreakifixit (now owned by Asurion insurance company), where if you fix iPhone and iPad screens, at some point it all becomes a cookie-cutter operation. Since you only have so many different iPhones. It all becomes the same after you have replaced 100 of them. In that kind of scenario, you can hire just about anyone with half a brain and some basic motor skills and train them to replace the screens with 95% accuracy. But when it comes to mac repair, things are much much different.

Mac repair was not, is not, and will not ever be a cookie-cutter approach operation. You can not train anyone to be good at mac repair, because it is simply not possible. The only way a mac repair technician can learn to repair MacBooks and iMacs is through experience and willingness to learn new things every day. Most don’t, as we found out, usually very quickly.

You can’t just bring them in the first week, show them how to fix a couple of MacBooks and then they can jump in and handle it on their own. That is not how it works. As mac repair shop operators we have learned it the hard way.

The reason being is, that mac repair and mac issues always evolve and they are never the same. Its equivalent to what doctors do as researchers constantly discover new diseases or learn more about how human bodies work. The only way to be good at it is to always update your knowledge, learn as you go, and keep working on the current issues at hand.

Of course, there are many issues that repeat themselves like MacBook screen replacements, or iMac hard drive replacements that anyone can do after you show it to them a couple of times. But the majority of mac repairs require a person to be good at diagnosing things on the spot. And be able to know what might have caused the issue on the mac in the first place before you start making up possible repair scenarios in front of the customer, to cover up the fact that you really have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to mac repair.

This is precisely what happens in many unqualified mac repair shops, like Ubreakifixit, geek squad, CPR repair, and even some computer repair shops that are not really qualified to fix things as they pretend to be. Because most of the brand-name phone repair stores are built on a cookie-cutter, franchise model. Where there is a manual that tells you how to replace all iPhone screens. And if you follow it, you will be able to do it correctly.

Mac Repair Is On A Case By Case Basis

There is no such manual for Mac repair. There maybe is an outline and, at best, the breakdown of some essentials of how computers are built and operate. But the only real manual is in the experience of doing it day in and out. Without any shortcuts.

What these brand-name shops like Ubreakifixit or geek squad are doing is adding another revenue stream to their existing franchise model business. But they don’t have the mac repair techs to back it up with. Because good mac repair techs are not easy to find. If they happen to find them, they usually can’t afford to pay them enough to deal with everyday minutia and customer service. Good mac repair techs know they can make more money on the side doing one job, than working all day for the same pay at one of their stores for 8 hours.

So usually Ubreakifixit or GeekSquad settle for anything they can get. They tell the newly hired “mac repair techs” to just accept the device, so they can figure it out later. And then they go and try to figure out what they can do to fix it. If they can even fix it, most can’t… I get many people coming here after they went to geek squad and were told they have to send the MacBook out or it will take 3 weeks or it’s not possible to fix. But then I fix it in a couple of hours! In essence, the brand-name repair stores have maybe one decent mac repair tech and then a bunch of random people from the street who practice fixing MacBooks using your device.

Why Choose Fastest Mac Repair Instead of UbreakiFixit (the answer)

Herein lies your answer. Which to choose? Ubreakifixit or Fastest Mac Repair in Newbury Park? Would you go to a doctor who is just practicing his medical skills on you? Because he just feels like adding an extra income aside from his real expertise? Or would you go to an expert who has many years of experience in that particular field and will tell you exactly what is going on?

Do you want to hear excuses and experience delays fixing your MacBook or iMac? Or do you want it fixed as fast as possible because we know exactly what is wrong, instead of telling you all kinds of stories that we need to do the testing or that it will take 2-3 days just to diagnose the issue or make up some kind of different excuses? Like they need to send it out to Kansas for 2 weeks and then they will tell you (right after they meet Alice at the end of the yellow brick road)!

By all means, I give credit where credit is due. If you have iPhone problems or iPad problems, call Ubreakifixit if you want, ( cause we fix iPhones too). They are great at it. I used to use them myself because they always have parts in stock and do a great job repairing phones. But when it comes to mac repair, they are not your best choice.

Truth is, most computers take less than one day to repair. Most diagnostics should take about one hour or less(with us it takes less than 5 minutes in 90% of the cases). Unless there is something specific, like MacBook water damage, then it may take a little longer…

At Fastest Mac Repair and PC Repair Newbury Park, CA we do it quickly, with no BS, and no making up excuses. 95% of the time you get an estimate in less than 5 minutes over the phone. We’ve done it all and we can fix it guaranteed if it is fixable. If we can’t we will refer you to someone who can or give you alternative options.

Call us for free quotes or any questions answered over the phone at 805-585-5535 or stop by at 3339 Kimber Dr. STE D, Newbury Park, CA 91320

Meet The Owner
Hello my name is Eddie.

I opened my first computer store, after i looked around to notice that people didn't have a proper place to repair their computers at.

Most mac repair places take days to repair. Not because it takes so long to repair them. but because most shops are incompetent or have bad work flow. Hence they fall behind and as result customers have to wait for repair to be completed much longer.

It is similar (if not worse)with companies like Geek Squad(Best Buy), Genius Bar (Apple), Asurion(UbreakiFixit). They hardly do any inhouse repairs. Most of their computers get shipped out to manufacturers or other repair centers.

So again, people like yourself, have to wait 2-4 weeks get their computer back.
For that reason i was on a mission to change this industry and get computers fixed as fast as I can. So you and your family can get back to their zoom meetings as quickly as possible!
Another reason you should come here is because I fix most of the people's computer in the area anyway. Most just collect them and send them to me or I usually have to take care of their customers because the "other computer geniuses" break something and computer still ends up in our repair shop after that. I'm not saying that I'm perfect. I also make mistakes sometimes or sometimes get overwhelmed and forget something. But that doesn't happen very often. and if it does. It happens because of my own error or accident, not because I'm incompetent nor do i need to hide it by telling you to just go buy anohter computer cause this one is not fixable. Like other people do. I write this, because i really take it personally. And i don't understand why people have to lie instead of telling the person they don't know how to fix it. and just tell them to go look for some other options. I take this service seriously. I love doing it and i love providing nothing less than a truly NO-BS-Excellent service to people who come visit me! hope you will be one of them! Oh yes, and also in my free time i get out of town and shoot landscape photography! feel free to stop by our shop to see my artwork!

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