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macbook pro water damage repair

macbook pro water damage repair

macbook pro water damage repair

macbook pro water damage repair

when compared side by side in the times of busy-ness. People who own macbooks (apple products) the “creative” types. they tend to be more clumsy with their devices for some reason! it’s almost as if the pc people are really sitting properly in their cubicles, back straight, not moving around for 8 hours other than to go to kitchen take a coffee or water break! just like steve jobs predicted in his 1984 commercial! lol

the ratio of macbook pro water damage repair to pc repairs is staggering in apples favor! but im not here to judge! to us its a great thing! we get more work this way!

now a little tip of how to handle macbook pro water damage. first thing you want to do right away if you spill water or fluids on your macbook is to disconnect the battery (and charger). the reason being is that water or fluids alone are not going to damage the logic board. in fact logic boards are washed in fluids usually water to get the corrosion off. what kills macbook logic boards is electricity. water makes connections in wrong places and that creates a short. so many water damages can be prevented if one could disconnect the battery quickly! however that is not always possible! because on macbooks battery is inside of the computer. and to open it you nowadays need a special tool with pentalobe tip. which no one usually has (im guessing apple did it on purpose!).

so next best thing if you spill water or fluids on your macbook. first thing is at least unplug it and then turn it upside down or whichever way so the water comes out where it came in. and rush to the nearest mac repair place to have it opened and disconnect battery then you can possibly save the logic board and you wont need macbook pro water damage repair at all!

however if its too late and you let computer dry out and its not turning on. we can fix your macbook logic board 95% of the time! its cheaper than buying a new logic board or new computer! cheers!

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