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Lenovo s340 Screen replacement Thousand Oaks

Laptop screens happen to break often and no laptops(including macbooks) are invincible to damage! usually it happens because laptop has been dropped, hit, or stepped on. But I also have seen cases when someone left it on roof of their car, or their kid dropped a 10 pound weight on it!

Obviously physical damage is the biggest factor when it comes to screens malfunctioning. however screens often just stop working as well. They develop flickering issues, or screens coming in and out randomly, or changing hue color where image on screen appears with bluish, reddish or greenish tint.

on most laptops screen repair is pretty simple. but on newer laptops, as designs have gotten more slick and better looking for end consumer, it makes it more difficult for us, computer repair guys, to replace them.

Manufacturers started gluing screens to back covers, they started gluing touchscreen glass to the screen, they made screens impossible to take apart, simply because they are making them as thin as possible!

laptop screen replacement, lenovo screen repair

But like the saying goes, “no job is too big or too small”, at fastest mac and pc repair we take on any screen replacement challenge without any problems!

this lenovo s340 screen replacement was interesting, because screen was glued on both sides with doublesided tape and it was a bit tricky to separate it from the back cover. But all in all lenovo screen replacement went smooth and was completed without any issues!

call us at 805-585-5535 or stop by at 3339 Kimber Dr. Ste D, Newbury park, CA 91320 and we will give you a free quote on how much it will cost to replace your laptop screen!

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Hello my name is Eddie. I opened my first computer store, because when i looked around, I noticed that people didnt have a proper place to repair their computers at.
Most mac repair places take days to repair computers. Not because it takes so long to repair them. but because most shops are incompetent or have bad work flow. Hence they fall behind and as result customers have to wait longer.
Same this with companies like geek squad. they hardly do any inhouse repairs. Most of their computers get shipped out to manufacturers or other repair centers.
So again people like yourself, have to wait two weeks get their computer back.
For that reason i was on a mission to change this industry and get computers fixed as fast as possible. So you and your family can get back to their zoom meetings as quickly as possible!
also in my free time i get out of town and shoot landscape photography! feel free to stop by our shop to see my artwork!
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