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imac 27 inch

2015 27 inch imac hard drive replacement- fusion drive failure

2015 27 inch imac hard drive replacement- because of fusion 3TB hard drive failure. this is a second 27 inch imac 2015 we have received this week. both of them same problem. hard drives have failed. now dont get me wrong. the idea of fusion hard drive is great! it is a hybrid solid state (ssd) and regular hard drive so to speak. it stores frequently accessed information on ssd part and the rest on regular portion.

in theory they are great! but apparently they don’t last that long! but then again most drives dont last that long. in this case luckily customer has a backup! so we just installed a new 1TB hard drive and his 2015 imac 27 inch is running like new again!

2015 imac 27 inch hard drive replacement

2015 imac 27 inch hard drive replacement

the trickiest part on these is to un-glue the screen! they are not meant to be open! thanks to apples great design! but we can do it no problem! open it up, switch hard drive, give it a good old dust cleaning and close it back up with doublesided tape!

anyhow have imac or macbook problems call us at 805-585-5535 we are the best at what we do in the whole thousand oaks area!!! or stop by at 3339 Kimber dr. Suite D, Newbury Park, Ca 91320

cheers! this was case study of 2015 27 inch imac hard drive replacement!

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