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is trend micro security good? you be the the judge!

is trendmicro security good

this is a screenshot of the desktop that was brought it by the customer because it was getting 5 beeps when computer was turned on. it was just beeping and would not even go to hp logo screen. then it would shut off. so if you ran a google search on that you would find some answers indicating either a bad memory module or a motherboard issue.

is trend micro security good?as a customer called in, i was pretty sure it was a memory module and i turned out to be right this time. i don’t know what it is about the need to be right, it doesn’t really serve anyone. but it sure does feel good to be right! even though some times i am wrong in my diagnostics over the phone. so the true way is to always test things out and make sure you identify the problem hands on and not just by guesstimating things! that’s how we do most of our diagnostics!

so it turned out it was a bad memory module that was replaced and here we go! computer is running again fine!

so as a bonus to our customer i also decide to clean computer up a bit. i turned it on and i saw that he had Trend micro security. and people always ask questions like that! which antivurus is  best? is trend micro security good? well i thought it was good! but i wasn’t really sure. until now.

as a standard virus cleanup procedure, we run few different programs on a computer to clean all possible malware, adware and viruses from a computer. so just like any other time first i ran a program called malwarebytes, which is free to use for as much as you like. i first checked trend micro screen. and it said system is protected in green. just like in the image above. then i ran malware bytes. and what do you think happened?

well malwarebytes found over 1200 “bad” items most of them PUPs, but there was also malware! so im not even sure what trend micro is doing on this computer. they must be just an antivirus that only protects from some little portion of viruses that don’t ever exist anymore. or perhaps are really bad most common ones that people don’t even get anymore. so my verdict is- save your money! use malwarebytes instead, your computer at least will be clean of junk!

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